Studiofolio: A Versatile Portfolio and Blog Theme

Studiofolio: A Versatile Portfolio and Blog Theme

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Change log

v3.1.9 17/11/2014

 FIX: - display media in index pages
- comments.php removed the double form title
- css inside the comment form

v3.1.8 22/10/2014

 FIX: - removed all notice messages from the PHP console
- minor CSS fixes
- better display of the content when the theme is newly installed


 SECURITY UPDATE: - Revolution Slider

v3.1.7 08/05/2014

 FIX: - pages head title
- portfolio visibility options
- added browser selector

v3.1.6 20/04/2014

 FIX: - Fix visibility private portfolio index when logged in
- Fix single portfolio item hover options

v3.1.5 18/03/2014

 FIX: - background image from backend

v3.1.4 26/02/2014

 FIX: - classic/block post index page

v3.1.3 24/02/2014

 UPDATE: - Flexslider
- Google Analytics FIX: - Inserting image mediabox
- Width size in blog index
- Portfolio page all disabled switches

v3.1.2 03/02/2014

 FIX: - minor typos

v3.1.1 02/02/2014

 UPDATE: - FrescoJs FIX: - skin FrescoJS
- gallery collection
- thumbnails on the lightbox
- css in quote format posts
- empty space in isotope blocks
- Firefox and Android issue on isotope
- Classic blog index

v3.1 16/01/2014

NEW FEATURE: - Isotope blocks in pages
- Custom footer HTML inside the options panel
- Advanced inclusion/exclusion in frontpage automatic layout creation
- Show date and author inside a single blog post
- Possibility to have HTML in index pages like the portfolio/gallery/blog
- Randomisation option for elements in portfolio and gallery
- Possibility to make isotope elements not clickable
- Possibility to deactivate hover effects on isotope elements
- Possibility to have 3 levels menu UPDATE: - Revolution Slider
- FrescoJs
- Flexslider FIX: - Firefox bug on elements filtering
- Menu drop down under Revolution Slider
- Possibility to have white space in tabs title
- Classic blog layout affection Portfolio categories
- Load more with the default permalink
- Vertical menu issue on smaller screen
- Remove extra space in front page when the thumb in not present
- Alignment social icon on mobile layout
- Pinterest not getting the image
- Background positioning on vertical menu - Video icon on IE8
- Homepage video not scaling correctly
- Slider not appearing sometimes in IE
- set_time_limit error message issue
- Image rescale issue (NaN)
- Layout consistency for blog index and posts category
- Video stops when lightbox closes
- Revolution Slider compatibility issue with WPML on front page

v3.0.3 11/08/2013

 - Added when importing images to the slides it bring the caption with it - Changed order of galleries in gallery collection (now ordered by gallery page order number) - Fixed double search field in the search element

v3.0.2.1 05/08/2013

 - Updated Slider Revolution - Fixed image uploader - Fixed background image uploader

v3.0.2 06/08/2013

 - Added possibility to have HTML area on top of index pages - Fixed fixed media uploader - Fixed logo image in vertical menu layout

v3.0.1 05/08/2013

 - Fixed layout issue when more then one 'Frontpage' template page - Fixed multiple 'Frontpage' creator from the option page - Fixed menu position with Slider Revolution

v3.0 03/08/2013

 - Added plugin Slider Revolution, value $15 - Added possibility to have many page type 'Front Page' - Added caption on roll over for the isotope elements in the gallery - Added possibility to have a blog post page without sidebar - Fixed compatibility with WP 3.6 - Fixed issue with the Welcome message when scrolling

v2.3.7 31/07/2013

 - Fixed thumbnails for IE10

v2.3.6 22/07/2013

 - Added social icons open to _blank - Fixed CSS for background - Fixed cation images - Fixed HTML of Blog Center template

v2.3.5 18/07/2013

- Added compatibility with Jetpack Photon
- Changed the way the slider shows after the images are loaded

v2.3.4.1 10/07/2013

- Fixed saving bug in portfolio pages

v2.3.4 08/07/2013

- Added full compatibility with SEO Yoast
- Fixed Feature image in blog index and archive
- Fixed header in case no logo is present

v2.3.3 04/07/2013

- Fixed disappeared loader from previous version
- Fixed checkbox bulk actions portfolio posts in backend
- Fixed Safari bug in isotope

v2.3.2 30/06/2013

- Improved performance in blog index
- Fixed Front Page featured media
- Fixed bug for old version of Android
- Fixed html in Blog Center template

v2.3.1 21/06/2013

- Fixed Consistency with oEmbed and Shortocode elements
- Fixed Blog Center Featured HTML structure
- Fixed RIght image size in certain layouts

v2.3 18/06/2013

- Improved Loading performance
- Updated Isotope plugin
- Fixed Background image in devices
- Fixed Pagination when over 10 pages
- Fixed Multiple accordion same page
- Fixed Category pages layout

v2.2.3 02/05/2013

- Added: Iconic Font download and install button
- Added: css category class of portfolio block in frontpage

v2.2.2 29/04/2013

- Added: possibility to have video in homepage slideshow
- Fixed: classic blog layout in every type of page

v2.2.1 28/03/2013

- Added: Contact map on homepage block
- Update: Modernizr to v.2.6.2
- Update: Fresco lightbox plugin to v.1.1.5
- Fixed: Flickering when scrolling page with fixed element in certain circumstances
- Fixed: Mobile flickering with thumbnails
- Fixed: Dark style navigation colors

v2.2 08/03/2013

- Added: Welcome message in vertical menu
- Added: Possibility to nested shortcode inside accordion and tabs
- Added: Mouseover thumb fallback for mobile
- Fixed: Social icons position in inline menu in some layouts

v2.1.2 06/03/2013

- Added: Css Class in frontage masonry for all the post types
- Fixed: Blog page image box
- Fixed: Gallery collection HTML structure when there is only one item per gallery

v2.1.1 05/03/2013

- Fixed: Menu CSS issues
- Fixed: Homepage Message problem when scrolling
- Fixed: Loader for vertical menu

v2.1 04/03/2013

- Added: Vertical menu and one line menu layout
- Fix: Footer problem in archive pages

v2.0.5 26/02/2013

- Fix: Removed over effect for shortcode
- Fix: HTML structure in search module

v2.0.4 21/02/2013

- Fix: Possibility to add images as external source
- Fix: Problem in IE8 with images added inside blog content
- Fix: Minor CSS problems

v2.0.3 15/02/2013

- Fix: portfolio items permalink

v2.0.2 13/02/2013

- Fixed pagination permalink portfolio items
- Fixed slideshow in blog pages
- Fixed body classes generation - Small CSS fixes

v2.0.1 12/02/2013

- Fixed pagination permalink portfolio items

v2.0 12/02/2013

- Added classic blog index with sidebar template
- Added slideshow in single posts
- Added Bulk Uploader
- Added possibility to have Vimeo and Youtube without poster image
- Added possibility to have also external link on thumbs
- Added custom JavaScript panel
- Improved media now support (oEmbed, Flickr iFrames, Swf, Urls, Photobucket, SlideShare, etc)  
- Auto update function
- Fixed fullscreen background on iPad
- Fixed Pinterest share
- Other minor fix and improvements

v1.4.1 30/01/2013

- Bugfix Gallery Collections layout

v1.4 28/01/2013

- Added a custom template page for collect galleries
- Submenu margin fix

v1.3.1.1 26/01/2013

- Fixed some bug with the slideshow

v1.3.1 26/01/2013

- Improved the slideshow gallery
- Added the possibility to have video without poster in this portfolio layout: Centered, Fixed Sidebar and Fluid Sidebar
- Fixed so instagram blog post works on homepage
- Fixed Twitter style after change of Twitter API
- Added author name in blog index with option in backend
- Fixed the slideshow for IE

v1.3 22/01/2013

- Improvment of fullscreen slideshow
- Blog post filtering
- Instragram support image blog post
- Added author name in blog index with option in backend
- Minor css and bug fixes

v1.2 18/01/2013

- Added homepage fullscreen slideshow
- Added fullscreen gallery slideshow
- Added password protection to any type of posts
- Added possibility to have the lightbox thumbnails strip
- Fixed favicon from backend
- Fixed bug when scrolling short pages
- Minor css and bug fixes

v1.1 14/01/2013

- Added Infinite Scroll with switch from options
- Added Dark stylesheet with switch from options
- Added more social links
- Minor bug fixes

v1.0.2 12/01/2013

- Implemented Child Theme compliance
- Added dummy content
- Minor bug fixes

v1.0.1 10/01/2013

- Minor bug fixes
- Added more social links
- Added the possibility to backup the backend options

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