Bitz – News & Publishing Theme

Bitz – News & Publishing Theme

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What customers say</

We love to be honest and transparent with our customers, so we reveal what are the bad reviews:

Rating: 1 star. Reason: No reply on support forums
Explanation: We have replied to customer’s comment few moments later, but apparently they never checked back to read the answer.
Rating: 1 star. Reason: Issues replicating demo, included plugins not up to date, theme is not nice.
Explanation: We have one click demo installation and possibility to insert pre-defined demo templates. All included plugins have latest version and are updated with theme updates. Buyer never contacted us for support.
Rating: 2 stars. Images not being displayed.
Explanation: Customer had issue with displaying featured images, we offered steps to troubleshoot the issue, but never heard back.

Feature Recap

Intelligent Article Blocks
Our smart article block element can display posts in 10 different styles, inside any layout. It won’t duplicate posts already shown on the page, if you choose so. You can also choose what information it will display, for example show or hide post excerpt. You can order posts by all available parameters, like date, title, post views and others. Powerful filtering options with result fine tuning are available, for example you can display posts from category “Food”, in the same time excluding all posts with tag “Meat”. There is even more to find out once you start working with Bitz.
Category Layouts
Categories can be fully customized with option to apply styles to the posts under the category. No more boring archive-like category pages.
Single Article Styles
Creating beautiful articles with Bitz is breeze. Choose from various styles to make your content stand out.
Frond End Builder
Instantly see changes you make, add, remove, modify blocks and elements, and check how your website looks on desktop and mobile screen sizes with Front End page builder.
Custom Headers
We have prepared 6 header structures and options to modify each of them to create header that you want easily.
Structured Data Markup
We worked hard to implement proper and complete structured data markup. Whole website, all pages and elements have valid structured markup and are prepared for any usage case. Let’s say you choose not to display standard text title for the article, does that mean your post won’t have title? Not really. Theme performs checks on what is displayed and prepares meta tags in case you decide to hide some of the post information. Meta tags are printed only, if respective element is not displayed to avoid duplicate information passed to the search engines. If you want search engines to love your website, Bitz theme is the way to go.
Theme Options
Powerful and smart built theme options allow to modify design and features of your website in few easy clicks without any coding knowledge.
Built in review functionality with enabled rich snippets. Ratings breakdown with dynamic fields, automatic average rating calculation, good, bad and baseline commentaries, we have it all.
Smart Sticky Header
Enjoy distraction free reading with smart sticky header – it hides when you scroll down to read the article and appears when you scroll up. Always sticky and fixed headers are available.
Post Time Format
Bitz theme has a custom timing function, that lets your visitors know, if an article was posted “Just Now”, “5 minutes ago” or “3 days ago”; after one week time defaults to your selected time format in WordPress settings.
Sticky Sidebar
If an article is longer than the sidebar, it will always stay in viewport. You can scroll up or down from any position on the page, once all widgets have been scrolled by, sidebar will stick until you change scrolling direction.
Header Builder
Unique feature allows you to build own custom headers. Choose header structure, modify size, colors or even set custom logos only for one specific header. Created headers can be applied to any page, post or category to override default header.
Image Filters
Now you can apply various popular image effects right in your media library or just before inserting image. Choose effect, preview and save – it’s that simple.
All for Advertising.
Bitz theme offers unlimited advertisement spaces. Our sidebars and widget areas are made for use with all popular ad sizes. Unique ad builder functionality with powerful options allows you to create advertisements and use them with our advertisement display element.
Article Labels
Make your article stand out and deliver important bits of information to your reader. Now it is easy to notify reader that your article has been updated or that article is sponsored with our dynamic post labels.
SEO Ready
We have put a lot of work to make sure our theme is ready for search engine optimization. Semantic HTML structure, proper tags, taxonomy descriptions, structured data and many more details that count. Bitz works with all popular SEO plugins, so you can fine tune your website SEO to the limits. Implementation
We worked hard to implement proper and complete structured data markup. All elements from article title to post update date are properly printed into your website html.
Social Integration powered by Easy Social Sharing
Complete social integration – this is what describes included Easy Social Share Buttons plugin. There are really no limits of what this plugin can do and we have prepared our theme to work great with it. Social sharing, social following, after share actions, social profiles, analytics, sharing optimization and much more.
Post Sliders and Social Media feeds powered by Slider Revolution
When it comes to creating sliders, there is no match for Slider Revolution. The #1 WordPress slider plugin is included and extends Bitz theme with some unique features. Now you can display social media feeds right on your website. Do you want to stream twitter feed from tech presentation? Show coolest stories from Facebook? New videos from YouTube channel? Now you can do all this and even more. And yes, you can create awesome post based sliders too.
Galleries powered by Master Slider
We love Master Slider for its simple and user friendly interface with powerful features. Once you enable the slider, you can turn standard WordPress gallery into slider with no effort at all. No need to add slides one by one, just use default Add Media button, bulk select the images and choose to display as the slider, that’s it, nice.
Visual Composer
Needless to say that Visual Composer is one of the most loved and popular page builders. We extend it with even more features. You will love it.
Submenu Styles
Bitz has multiple submenu styles including mega menu, tabs and full width styles that can be used within the single menu and can be combined. Hover menu items in our live demo to check it out.
Related Articles
Make your readers stay by offering them relevant content. Our special related articles display more posts to readers based on the categories or tags they are currently reading.
Commenting Engine Support
Our theme supports popular commenting systems like Facebook, Disqus, Google+ and more.
One Click Demo
Replicate our live demo with just one click. All menus, widgets content and settings will be set up automatically.
Translation & RTL Ready
Publish with Bitz in your language or maybe multiple languages at once? We have prepared translation files and complete RTL stylesheet for you.
Support Forum
If you ever need help we will be there to answer all your questions.
More of Bitz

  • All output is filtered and escaped to maximize security.
  • When you delete image from media library all custom image sizes are removed from uploads folder to keep server clean.
  • Ability to display articles in the menu.
  • Links for next and previous articles after visitor has finished reading.
  • Category and Tag descriptions are displayed when using default page title.
  • Numbered pagination for posts, pages and archives.
  • Multiple pre-styled block quote styles.
  • Author Biography field is extended to allow html formatting.
  • Special formatting for displaying breaking news.
  • Special element to display current article information, useful for custom designed posts.
  • Post views counter with popularity indicator.
  • Full and boxed layouts with website width choice.
  • Flexible footer column width with column count choice.
  • Dynamic google font collection allows to embed only required font weights and character sets.
  • and more…



V.1.1.2 (28 June 2016)

  • NEW: Very lightweight mobile menu with widget area
  • NEW: WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility
  • Fixed: Related posts ordering by views count
  • Updated: Easy Social Sharing Buttons to 3.7
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.2.6
  • Updated: Visual Composer to version 4.12
  • Updated: Core Extend to 1.1.4

V. (6 June 2016)

  • IMPROVED: Adjustments to new Theme Check requirements
  • Updated: Easy Social Sharing Buttons to 3.6.1
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to

V. (25 May 2016)

  • Fixed: Translations for article block element
  • Updated: Core Extend to 1.1.3
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to

V.1.1.1 (14 May 2016)

  • NEW: Pagination option for article block
  • Updated: Core Extend to 1.1.2
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to

V. (29 April 2016)

  • Updated: Visual Composer to

V. (18 April 2016)

  • Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.2.5

V. (14 April 2016)

  • Improved: Drag&drop ordering handles in section elements
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.1.1
  • Updated: Visual Composer to 4.11.2

V.1.1 (11 April 2016)

  • NEW: Tags only filter added for related posts
  • Improved: Compatibility with PHP7
  • Improved: Image resizer script update
  • Improved: Theme Options framework update
  • Improved: Mobile detection script update
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.1

V. (22 March 2016)

  • Updated: Visual Composer to 4.11.1
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to
  • Updated: Master slider to 2.29.0
  • Updated: Easy Social Sharing Buttons to 3.5


  • Updated: Master slider to 2.28.3

V. (5 March 2016)

  • Updated: Master slider to 2.28.1
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.2.1

V.1.0.9 (11 February 2016)

  • NEW: Added caption option for featured image in single post
  • IMPROVED: Whole item made clickable in image overlay article styles
  • IMPROVED: Checkbox alignment in forms adjusted
  • Changed: Removed link underline style in single posts
  • Fixed: Article block filtering by time for Today’s posts
  • Fixed: Extra paddings in columns with background
  • Fixed: Pagination pushing footer down
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.9
  • Updated: Visual Composer to 4.10
  • Updated: Easy Social Sharing Buttons to 3.4.1
  • Theme translation file updated

V.1.0.8 (23 January 2016)

  • NEW: Lead text field below post title. Live Example
  • IMPROVED: Whole post grid item made clickable
  • IMPROVED: Archive page title is now dynamic (when used by plugins)
  • IMPROVED: WordPress default gallery styles
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.8
  • Updated: Master slider to 2.26.0
  • Theme translation file updated

V.1.0.7 (14 January 2016)

  • NEW: Option to set post header globally
  • NEW: Grid style with 4 even columns
  • Fixed: Extra top space for rows with background
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.7
  • Updated: Visual Composer to 4.9.2
  • Updated: Easy Social Sharing Buttons to 3.3.1
  • Theme translation file updated

V. (6 January 2015)

  • Updated: Easy Social Share Buttons updated to 3.3
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.1.6

V.1.0.6 (29 December 2015)

  • IMPROVED: More improvements for structured data markup. No minimum featured image size is needed to be added as meta image. Read more about structured data markup
  • IMPROVED: Widget area above post content and sidebar can now be used with standard image header style.
  • NEW: Style choice for rating stars in menu posts.
  • CHANGED: Category link background removed in post grid element.
  • CHANGED: Default image in theme options/blog posts/default image now uses ID instead of URL. Please re-insert image to use the new ID option.
  • Fixed: Review showing always 5 star rating in responsive view.
  • Fixed: Admin spelling errors.
  • Updated: Translation strings and files.
  • Updated: Visual Composer to 4.9.1
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.6

V.1.0.5 (23 December 2015)

  • IMPROVED: Structured data markup update to comply with latest Google guidelines.
  • IMPROVED: Excerpt option added to “Image above the title” article block style.
  • IMPROVED: Menu posts now support rating stars, date and excerpt.
  • IMPROVED: Added new options for article info element.
  • IMPROVED: Responsive styles for review block.
  • IMPROVED: Review star styling for image overlay article style.
  • NEW: Widget area above single post content and sidebar.
  • CHANGED: Review custom field moved above author name.
  • Updated: Translation strings and files.
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.5

V. (19 December 2015)

  • IMPROVED: Visual update for posts grid element for better readability.
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.1.5

V.1.0.4 (17 December 2015)

  • NEW: Support for Jetpack infinite scroll added. Works out of the box with Jetpack installed.
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.4
  • Fixed: Broken clearfix class in related posts element

V. (12 December 2015)

  • IMPROVED: Small RTL css improvements
  • Fixed: Issue with smart quotes converting for menu posts shortcode after saving menu

V. (11 December 2015)

  • IMPROVED: Pagination function improved, fixed link issues experienced on some servers
  • Updated: Easy Social Share Buttons updated to 3.2.5

V.1.0.3 (10 December 2015)

  • IMPROVED: CSS tweaks for WordPress 4.4
  • IMPROVED: Responsive styling for Visual Composer 4.9 improved
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.3

V.1.0.2 (9 December 2015)

  • NEW: Child Theme added
  • IMPROVED: Visual Composer is now 30% faster with great new features
  • Updated: Visual Composer to 4.9
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.2

V.1.0.1 (7 December 2015)

  • NEW: Pre defined templates/blocks added for use without importing demo content. Documentation
  • NEW: Added advertisement choice for single posts on top and bottom
  • NEW: Article block can now be sorted within timeframe (today, this week, this month)
  • Fixed: Typography settings missing ; between css attributes
  • Fixed: Issue with sorting articles by view count
  • Fixed: Unspecified meta image for article styles without image
  • Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.1.4
  • Updated: Master Slider to 2.25.0
  • Updated: Bitz Core Extend to 1.0.1


  • Initial Release

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