Portfolio – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template

Portfolio – Multipurpose Responsive Email Template

About Template
Portfolio responsive email newsletter templates are designed for general, blog, personal, corporate, ecommerce, portfolio, gallery email use
All templates are StampReady, MailChimp & Campaign Monitor compatible
Templates Features

  • 1 Responsive newsletter template (All elements)
  • 25 useful drag-drop modules
  • MailChimp ready
  • Campaign Monitor ready
  • StampReady Drag-Drop builder access
  • Major browser compatible [IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari]
  • Major email clients support [Apple mail, Outlook, Yahoo, Google, Gmail, Hotmail, Andriod native client]

ZIP file contains

  • 4 files of all element responsive newsletter templates
  • HTML, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and StampReady
  • Help Document


  • Outlook will not display Google Fonts. It may use fallback fonts
  • GMail App uses Roboto font and will not use Google Fonts. GMail app is not responsive app, It just wraps the tables
  • Images are used only for demo use and not included in the package. Credits included in zip.

Support Documentations
Builders documentation’s URL available in HELP document

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