Fine – The Fullwidth All-Features Tumblr Theme

Fine – The Fullwidth All-Features Tumblr Theme

The FINE accent that is rare to find

FINE focuses the last post and the permalink post in a very bold way, with special attention to all types. If your blog is dedicated to audio, video, or photo, this is the theme for you.

Presenting unique background image functionality that uses Tumblr’s new description image support.

  • Photo posts support:
    • Fullwidth support (optional)
    • Modal window
    • EXIF data support (optional)
    • Adjusts to browser height (optional).
  • Photoset posts support:
    • Slideshow display
    • Fullwidth support (optional)
    • Caption support
    • Autoslide (optional)
    • Modal window
    • Adjusts to browser height (optional).
  • Panorama posts support.
  • Video posts support:
    • Fullwidth support (optional)
    • Native player, YouTube, Vimeo support
    • Responsive videos
  • Audio posts support:
    • Fullwidth layout
    • Custom native player with optional cover image and ID3 tags support (track, artist, album)
    • Uses native header or extracts first image from description (optional)
    • External player support with download button
    • Fullwidth SoundCloud support.
  • Quote posts support – uses native header or extracts first image from description (optional).
  • Text posts support – extracts first image as post list thumbnail (optional).
  • Link posts support:
    • With or without thumbnail
    • Uses native header or extracts first image from description (optional).
  • Chat posts support.
  • Answer posts support.
  • Categories menu (optional) with custom label – automatically extracts all tags.
  • Automatically features the latest post for each page – you can turn it off and display just a list of posts.
  • Instead of featured post, replace it with description and avatar (optional)
  • Post author display (optional) and social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, E-Mail, Pinterest (for photo posts).
  • Full group blogs support – post author display, member list on pages (optional).
  • Twitter feed (optional) and Facebook feed (optional) on pages.
  • Fully responsive layout – works on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Infinite scroll and normal pagination support – applies sticky on-hover footer when the Infinite Scroll option is selected.
  • Sticky header (optional) with color and transparency customization.
  • Normal Grid, Masonry Grid or List View with optional post list label.
  • Pages, Ask, Submit support.
  • Tag page support.
  • Adjust featured photos to the height of the browser (optional).
  • Preload content animation (optional).
  • Previous / Next / Random post links on permalink (optional).
  • Liked Posts support on pages (optional).
  • Single-click color setup.
  • Custom logo support (automatically resizes to a maximum height of 80px).
  • Color customization options, utilizes native appearance options, quickly converts to a dark theme.
  • Fully localized – complete control of theme language, including custom labels.
  • Disqus comments (optional) – automatically detects blog and translates according to theme language.
  • Google Fonts:
    • One menu for body font, one menu for quotations font.
    • Included fonts: Open Sans, PT Sans, Droid Sans, Noto Sans, Fira Sans, Lato, Roboto, Ubuntu, Arvo, Vesper Libre, Playfair Display, Neuton, PT Serif, Droid Serif, Noto Serif, Merriweather, Georgia, Times, Arial, Helvetica.
  • Support for Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Vietnamese, Devanagari characters (according to font).
  • Social network links in footer – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Behance, Instagram, Dribbble, deviantArt, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Linkedin.
  • Hide Tumblr controls on theme (optional).
  • Super easy documentation – visual, offline and searchable online.
  • 6+ Live Demos.

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Fine - The Fullwidth All-Features Tumblr Theme